J O U R N A L I N G  w o r k s h o p

I am so excited for you to get started! I'm about to share one of my very favorite tools for getting more in touch with who you really are so you can find more clarity and peace in your everyday life.  The video below is about 30 minutes long and I highly suggest you carve out about an hour to really dive in. A pen and paper will also come in handy. 


And remember, you're doing this FOR YOU! Be sure to set yourself up for success by being open minded and present. 

Once you watch the video be sure to download the accompanying .pdf attached below.

There you'll find a nice little recap of the video and some awesome journal exercises to help you dive a little deeper and get to know yourself a bit more.


Again, this is a precursor to my Alignment 101 Workshop so if you finish this and want more be sure to contact me for more information.