a b o u t   A M A N D A 


Hi, I’m Amanda! It’s nice to have you here! It my mission in life to help women get back into alignment with who they are and what’s important to them so they can get out of survival mode and start thriving. If you’ve been finding yourself spending more time putting out fires than living a life that feels good, I’m here to help you regroup and reset. 


Finding the right coach is no easy fete. Besides needing to generally like the person you’re working with, it’s important to feel a sort of kinship. You have to connect… be aligned. 


I’d love to tell you a bit about myself so you can get a feel for who I am and what I’m all about. Hopefully something about me resonates with you and you reach out. It’s always an amazing experience to talk with someone that just gets you, you know? 


So. Who am I? The basics: 

I am a certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator. There is so much healing and empowerment to be found in parenting this way - It's my favorite way to connect to mothers and such a helpful introduction to me and my work. 


I have three kiddos that are constantly stretching me and helping me grow (read: forcing me to be my best self via tantrums, boundary infractions, and sleep deprivation). 


I’ve been through miscarriages, a newborn in the NICU, breastfeeding drama, babies with lip ties, social media addiction, comparison shame, an endless list of limiting beliefs, and an identity and body that did not bounce back after birth. 


I had three amazing, empowering all natural births thanks to hypnosis, an incredible birth center, and a husband that dutifully endured all my out of the box plans… I can’t speak highly enough about hypnosis. I will be adding it to my resume as soon as this family of mine can share me with school.  


Every day I deal with rewriting my thoughts, expectations, and the reality of not being the mom I thought I’d be (in my case, a homeschooling, homesteading, work from home mom with chickens and 4 happy kids that slept through the night and never watched TV).


Recent triumphs include getting a handle on my laundry and dishes, being more frugal and intentional with my money and budget, regularly using a planner and creating shopping lists (arranged according to the layout of Trader Joes thankyouverymuch).


I am an open book and may overshare the same day I meet you. Sorry. 


Along that same vain, small talk is hard for me. I’m all about the real conversations and diving right in to the heart of whatever comes up. 


I have a ridiculous amount of Dinosaur facts crammed into my brain thanks to my son’s obsession with all things pre-historic. I don’t mind one bit. Dinosaurs are pretty cool. If I’m forced into small talk and there’s a decent segue, I will tell you all about how Jurassic Park lied to you about how big Velociraptors are (the size of a turkey, if you must know).


I have a background in Early Childhood because my 23 year old delusional self thought I wanted to own an in-home daycare. That dream has long since set sail, but the knowledge I gained during that period of my life has been pure gold and I use it every day. 


I’m technically a reiki master, but I rarely practice other than for myself or my family.  


I also have my fair share of crystals, align with talk of vibrations and frequency, and cleanse my house with Palo Santo when I feel like bad energy has taken residence. I also can’t resist anything related to brain science, sociology, epigenetics, and health in general. 


My coaching style is a mix of logic & brain science, self awareness, and tidbits from my spiritual side. I’ll guide you through getting to know yourself as you are, as you’ve been, and as you’d like to be so you can intentionally create a life that just feels right and good.   


In addition to weekly support via Skype and 24/7 text access with Unraveled, my signature coaching program, I offer online modules, workshops, exercises, and resources to support you in your personal growth endeavor. 


If you have any more questions about me or what a Motherhood Coach can do for you... or if you are curious in any way, I’d love to talk to you. Shoot me an email or, better yet, fill out this questionnaire so I can get to know you a bit before we get together. There’s really nothing like conversation to get to know someone... I’m easy to talk to, promise! 

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